81% of companies believe more in an SEO agency than an in-house team

Whether your business is small, huge, new, or old, making search engine optimization a priority is crucial to its online success. With over three million companies operating online and competing for search results, the competition will be tough no matter what stage of the life cycle your firm is in.
“Do I hire an SEO agency or an in-house employee?” becomes the question of when your company is ready to spend on increasing its online visibility.

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We polled over 100 firms and industry professionals to find out how they would respond to that question. In order to execute SEO, 81% of respondents opted to use an SEO agency rather than an in-house marketing professional.

The Advantages of Hiring an SEO Firm

It is Cost-Effective to Hire an SEO agency

Recruiting an SEO agency is more cost-effective in the long run than hiring an in-house person, particularly if that individual leaves after a short period. If you want to recruit an entry-level employee for this position, keep in mind that training new staff might be costly. SEO training classes are not inexpensive. Consider how much time is lost vs being able to come in and start the campaign on the first day. You’re basically paying a salary for a layoff.

Outsourcing helps businesses to have greater control over deliverables while lowering overhead costs like perks. Furthermore, monthly SEO packages often start at roughly $2,000. This implies that businesses may save money and expand without tying up their cash in a single department.”

It is Cost-Effective to Hire an SEO agency

Salary, benefits, equipment required to do the work, and any other bonuses you may provide your full-time staff are all variables to consider. When you engage a digital marketing firm, you receive a team of specialists, usually three to five industry experts who are devoted to the success of your online company. It’s especially difficult to find someone in-house that is educated about all aspects of SEO strategy. Individuals that specialize in several facets of organic searches, such as technical SEO, on-site and off-site SEO in the form of content authoring and link building, and analytical reporting, are generally employed by agencies.

A firm would need to recruit a full team of workers or a person with many years of expertise at a high pay to have this luxury in-house, which many smaller businesses or startups may not have the means to achieve. I highlighted tool costs and how they aren’t always inexpensive. The majority of the tools we use at LSEO, such as SEMrush, ahrefs, and Moz, demand a monthly membership. Any SEO agency you deal with is likely to already have these tools, saving you the trouble of having to acquire them.

SEO agencies Years of Expertise and Experience

Digital marketing is a way of life for SEO agencies. It’s all they do on a regular basis for hundreds of people. This is critical since SEO is a dynamic business. When it comes to SEO, Google is continually releasing fresh information about what counts and what doesn’t. As part of their algorithm upgrades, Google also publishes new approaches from time to time. The search engine behemoth doesn’t always make it clear what each upgrade is all about. This is logical, given Google’s goal of providing the best results to its consumers. It is the obligation of a digital marketing business to keep up with the newest SEO methods and apply them to client websites.

The process is built on trial and error, and SEO firms have the time and resources to study and test new techniques on a regular basis. If you’re working with an in-house team, this might be time-consuming and potentially put you behind if the initial method doesn’t work.

Hiring an SEO agency also gives you access to its personnel’s years of expertise in dealing with a variety of customers in a variety of industries. An SEO agency has most likely dealt with a company similar to yours and can use what worked and avoid what didn’t. An in-house SEO may not have the same SEO agency background.

They are adaptable

Businesses might benefit from hiring an SEO agency since they can always find a new team to cooperate with if the current one isn’t functioning or grows stale. If one team isn’t a good match for you, go back to the drawing board and locate one that is. You have such liberty as long as the contract you signed is ethical. Hiring personnel that isn’t the appropriate match, on the other hand, comes with its own set of hazards.

It’s considerably more difficult to terminate a poor person or a whole digital marketing team in-house than it is to quit a contract and locate a new firm. Internal firing may have a negative influence on your company since surviving workers may lose important inter-office connections.

If a corporation works with an SEO agency for a long period, however, the relationship of development may become stale. To get fresh eyes on the website and build a new plan that might help shift the needle, you might wish to hire a new digital marketing firm. We’ve had several inquiries from companies looking for our help since their present SEO agency wasn’t functioning or their results had plateaued. 

The same thing may happen to us with existing customers, but we take precautions to prevent it. We brainstorm and build assault strategies on a regular basis to guarantee that the outcomes improve. Plus, as I previously said, SEO is always evolving, and we must remain current.

The SEO agency’s Work Is Excellent

The SEO agency's Work Is Excellent

Quality of work goes hand in hand with experience and knowledge, and an SEO firm will provide considerably more than a single in-house person could. Hiring a reputable and experienced SEO firm may offer your website the competitive edge it needs with no work on your side. Low-quality SEO does more than simply slow down results; in the long term, it may harm your online presence and put you years behind your competitors.

The majority of SEO agencies, including LSEO, employ more than 20 people. Throughout my career, I’ve worked at four different digital marketing organizations, and I’ve learned that having four heads is always better than having one. While customers may only interact with one or two persons who manage their accounts, a team of people is working behind the scenes to design ideas that will propel your company forward.

Everything revolves around time.

One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing and employing an SEO service is the amount of time you and your organization will save. Agencies are already formed and have the resources to begin as soon as the contract is signed. If you wanted to recruit an in-house employee or start your own SEO team, you’d have to advertise the position, filter through applications, hold interviews, and then wait for the applicant to conclude a two-week notice period at his or her present employment. That’s at least a month or two lost when an SEO agency might have already completed its research and begun working on the site.

Your path to online success may be implemented considerably quicker with an SEO agency, and the hockey stick on the growth chart can appear much sooner.

For the Win: Agencies

Hire an SEO agency to become a branch of your team instead of recruiting someone in-house to become the newest member of your team. After all, your success is dependent on theirs. Click here for more details about 3 Smart ways to pitch your SEO agency.

However, bear in mind the next time you’re contemplating this option since hiring an SEO agency entails increasing your workforce by an entire division.

“Meet our new SEO TEAM,” you’ll say instead of presenting just one person to your company.